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• 16•10•2010 •

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CBD / COP 10

Mother Earth is Not for Sale

Photo Essay: Organizations Protest Market-Based Conservation at CBD COP-10


10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, held in Nagoya, 18 - 29 October 2010


Photo Essay: Mother Earth is Not for Sale @ CBD COP-10

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Civil Society Calls for a Moratorium on Geoengineering Experiments

•  October 19, 2010 (reposted from Climate Voices)

•  Photo Essay: Organizations Protest Market-Based Conservation at CBD COP-10

ETC Group's Pat Mooney (center), Sylvia Ribeiro (left) and Neth Dano (right) protest against commodification of life outside of the CBD COP-10


Global Forest Coalition's Simone Lovera (left) joins the protest outside of CBD COP-10. Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

CBD Alliance press conference on 18 October announces Top 10 Priorities for civil society at the UN CBD COP-10. Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

CBD Alliance members demonstrate against use of markets for biodiversity conservation at CBD COP-10. Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

While the Biodiversity COP discusses creation of a "Green Economy", CBD Alliance members protest that it is really a "Greed Economy." Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

Jessica Dempsey, of the CBD Alliance (left), allays the concerns of the CBD COP-10 security about the banner action. Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

UN CBD Delegates, walking past the protest, stop to have their pictures taken with the banners. Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

UN CBD Delegates, heading into the conference center, stop to take photos of the protest. Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

Christine von Weizsacker of EcoRopa (left) and Helena Paul of EcoNexus (right) hold banner as part of CBD Alliance protest against commodification of life. Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

Antje Lorch of EcoRopa (left) joins Christine and Helena in protest outside COP-10. Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC

Evidence of the CBD COP-10 push for a "Green Economy" can be found around Nagoya . Photo: Petermann/GJEP-GFC


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